We have a diversified range of maintenance and construction services related to the following main sectors

Industrial Sector

Maritime Sector

Energy Sector


To meet the specific demands of our customers, IMPS has developed two activities considered as specialized services specialized services because it is the only one to carry them out in Tunisia in accordance with the required standards in the matter.




MANUFACTURING, REPAIR AND INSPECTION OF WHITE METAL BEARINGS AND COMPONENTS IMPS supplies and carries out the turnkey assembly of flexible expansion joints in industrial textiles for hot and cold metal ducts and pipes. Our main services associated with this activity are :
  • Supply and installation of expansion joints made of industrial textiles up to a temperature of 600 °C.
  • The supply of flexible expansion sleeves.
      Taking of dimensions on site and reconstitution of plans.
    1. Maintenance, repair and replacement of metal parts.
  • The supply of metal expansion compensators.
  • The supply of rubber expansion joints.
  • On-site inspection of expansion joints and submission of reports.
  • The taking of the dimensions of the installed expansion compensators and the reconstitution of the plans.
  • The repair or/and remanufacturing of the metal parts that support the expansion compensators.
  • The supply of accessory parts for expansion compensators, namely: Flanges, counter-flanges, deflectors and clamps.


White metal bearings.

  • Repair of bearings and thrust pads by casting with white antifriction metal.
  • The regulation of the thrust pads by casting or by white metal deposition.
  • Reconstruction of plans by reverse engineering.
  • Ultrasonic control of white metal bonding.
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IMPS obtains these expansion compensators from our exclusive partner the Franco-Tunisian company CODIL-Tunisia certified ISO 9001 ( which manufactures them locally in strict application of European standards. IMPS also supplies the metal and rubber expansion compensators which it obtains from its partner, the French company SEIRIS SA. (

  • Official Guarantee

    IMPS strictly applies the principle of the chain of suppliers by demanding the same quality criteria